Nurse Your Own Way Education Courses

Our patients trust us to have THE Knowledge to Identify and the confidence to escalate

Nurse Your Own Way Education Courses

Deepen your clinical understanding when you WANT it...

...remember what you've learnt when your patients NEED it

It's frustrating wasting time and money on traditional courses that overwhelm you with information you will soon forget...

…heavy content delivered through long lectures is mentally exhausting

…being bombarded by new material in back-to-back sessions is overwhelming and pushes previous material out of your head

...asking for information to be repeated, slowed down or clarified in a group setting is intimidating

…watching faster learners and more confident personalities “get” the concepts while you feel left behind is demotivating

...yet, this is how the majority of nurses choose to spend their valuable resources in order to continue their professional development

Don't settle for courses that simply provide you with information...
Experience education that teaches you life long application!

Keep your mind engaged with short, interactive lessons and save yourself hours of wasted effort by maximising your potential to remember the content

Dictate the speed of your own learning without rushing to explore new material until the current material is well understood

Grow self-confidence by reinforcing your understanding by applying your own clinical decisions to real-life case studies integrated within lessons and short quizzes to help summarise take-home points

The best education course you have ever taken could be one click away...

Here are just a handful of the hundreds of testimonials I have received from nurses that have attended the professional seminars I have previously facilitated for one of Australia's leading providers of CPD education.

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Interactive Course Content

Education that challenges traditional teaching methods by allowing the learner to guide their own experience with the extensive use of interactive multimedia options

Personalised Learning

Course materials that are uniquely diverse to engage visual, auditory and tactile learners in order to accelerate learning and
maximise knowledge retention

Affordably Flexible Education

Sustainably affordable professional development designed to be completed at a personal pace for seamless integration with the other important commitments in life

Unlock your learning potential with education designed to
maximise understanding, retention and recall
in order to simultaneously improve
professional growth and patient outcomes
visual learner VR goggles

Are you a visual learner?

  • Do you prefer to see bright and interactive content rather than listen?
  • Do you like to take detailed notes in lectures and meetings?
  • Do you tend to look around for something to watch when you lose interest?
  • Do you find spoken instructions hard to remember?

are you a tactile learner?

  • Do you prefer to build, touch and draw rather than listen or watch?
  • Do you remember things best when you have done them yourself?
  • Do you fidget when you’ve had to sit still for too long?
  • Do you find yourself having a short attention span?
tactile learner

Are you an auditory learner?

  • Do you prefer to listen to instructions rather than read them?
  • Are you good at remembering conversations and lyrics to songs?
  • Do you start chatting to the person next to you when you lose interest?
  • Do you find yourself easily distracted by noise?

Continue Your Professional Development Journey With Nurse Your Own Way

Courses specifically designed for different learning styles by an intensive care educator with over 10 years experience in the field

Exciting and interactive content that can be completed at your own pace around all your other important commitments  

Keep coming back to content to refresh your memory and consolidate learning with ongoing access to courses you have signed up for

Join a community of fellow clinicians to interact with, discuss course materials, share clinical experiences and grow together